Wood Double Sided Grooming Brush


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For maximum practicality when grooming your pet, it is advisable to bring a double-sided brush with a detangling side and a polishing part.

Indeed, the double-sided brush ensures:

cleaning the coat of dirt and dust residue
detangling of the coat and undercoat
a polishing of the entire coat for a great shine
Made by the German brand Trixie, the Double Sided Wood Grooming Brush is ideal for grooming short/medium/long/curly haired cats and dogs.
Double Sided Wood Dog Grooming Brush
Made of wood with sturdy metal spikes
With a design handle ensuring a good grip
Interchangeable head
For quick and effective detangling
Comfort of use assured
For a good hygiene of the whole coat
Compatible for full brushing of dogs with short, medium and long hair
Suitable for curly coat
Color: WOOD


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