Suction cup window hammock bed for cats


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Guaranteeing a quick and practical installation, the suction cup hammock to be fixed on the glass of the window is ideal for the relaxation of your cat.

Indeed, the suspended bedding ensures:

space saving.
sun exposure.
an observation post.
an appropriate fallback area.
Made for cats weighing up to 12 kg, the Suction Cup Cat Hammock Bed certifies excellent hold for impeccable safety.
Suction cup cat hammock bed
Made of velor-like polyester
Quick and easy attachment with suction cups
Excellent hold on smooth surfaces
High security via a stable metal frame
Ultra-resistant cables
Features a removable cover
Optimal observation post
Allows your feline to be exposed to the sun and thus support thermoregulation
Accessory supporting a weight of up to 12 kg
Grey color


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