Hamster Wooden Ladder


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1. Using natural wood, it is safe and chewable, satisfies pet’s instincts and helps maintain healthy teeth.
2. Environmentally friendly and flexible. The inner wire can be bent to create the required size and circumference of space.
3. As a small animal fence, it can give animals a safe space for pets, and it can also isolate animals that need to be kept separately to avoid fighting.
4.  large tunnel for animals to hide and play.
5. Promoting exercise for small animals and developing their coordination and balance ability, the toy is an ideal home for small animals such as turtles, hamsters, mice, lizards, rodents, etc.


Item Type: Wooden Hamster Fence
Material: wood
Product weight: approx. 181-362g / 6.4-12.8oz
Purpose: A fence for small pet hamsters

Package list:
1x fence

Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement. Thank you for understanding.


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